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.Tech is the first Product Innovation Bureau dedicated to fashion, luxury and sportswear brands. Our mission is to catalyze innovation by implementing technological solutions that add value into their creations. 


From the idea to the market, derigueur.tech operates as an external R&D department, providing intellectual services - such as creativity journeys, feasibility studies, proof of concepts, prototyping, certifications and logistics consultancy - and production of the developed solutions - pre-production, on-site integration advice, mass-production, quality controls.


Our team of engineers operates directly in the production lines, from Europe to Asia, speaking the same technical language and building up on top of their know-how.

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We foster brands to innovate in their collections from the idea to the market.



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.Green is a Sustainable Innovation Accelerator dedicated to fashion, luxury and sportswear brands.
Our goal is to provide concrete tools and solutions to help brands engage in a more sustainable future.


Our team of CSR and material engineers take their creativity and technical know-how to find the most relevant solutions to reduce your environmental impact in conception and production. 


We believe that a good resources management can create value even with production waste and sleeping stocks of finished and unfinished goods. 

Finally, our mantra is simple and broadly shared :


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Concrete and sustainable solutions for the fashion industry.